Popup Showdown

This is not a screenshot, play it!

# Backstory

Popup Showdown is a game I created during Open Jam 2017. As an organizer of Open Jam, I wasn’t planning to make a game, and certain wouldn’t submit one to the competition, but as participants were hard at work on their games, I wanted to join in the fun. The game needed to be bad by design, to avoid taking any attention away from the good games created by Open Jammers.

Over the course of a few hours, I familiarized myself with decades-old rules on popup creation in JavaScript and was pleased1 to find that it is indeed possible to control the screen position and size of a popup.

For no particular reason, I chose an Amiga Workbench aesthetic.

Amiga Workbench screenshot


“Pleased” because it enabled the game to be created, but dismayed that popups are/were a thing.