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Opcode patterns 70% finished

genlut.py is really filling out. It generates the LUT for all 68k opcodes (68000 only), and I’m about 70% done. 77 down, 34 to go. The OPCODES dict defines the first two bytes of each opcode, both static bits and operands. The operand strings act as keys into the PATTERNS struct,…
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Decoding is easy. Decoding requires a lot of typing. (I am starting to believe this is true of ever aspect of interpreted emulation…) For the AEJS decoder, I am creating a look-up table with every possible pattern for each instruction. It was my first idea, but I initially discar…
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Introducing AEJS

Introducing AEJS, an Amiga emulator written in JavaScript. Wait, wording it like that makes it sound like it’s finished. It isn’t. It won’t be for a long time. AEJS is just a hobby, and will never hold a candle to UAE. Why the Amiga? Given that this is my first emulator, it would…
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