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RustConf 2023

Here are my notes from 🦀 RustConf 2023 🦀. With no ado: # Talks All RustConf talks were 30 minutes, with no live Q&A. Instead, a channel on the Discord server was opened for each talk where the speaker and curious attendees would go to ask and answer questions. It had the…
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Shaking Off the Rust 2: Ray Tracing in WebAssembly

Rust. A ray tracer. The dream of WebAssembly. One dangerous idea that could ruin everything. This was the scene at the end of my last post, which covered creating a ray tracer in Rust using Peter Shirley’s outstanding Ray Tracing in One Weekend. In the wrap-up to that post, I…
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Shaking Off the Rust 1: Ray Tracing in One Weekend

Two classes stand out as my favorites from computer science at NCSU: x86 assembly, taught by Dana Lasher, and computer graphics, taught by Stuart Heinrich. In the graphics course, we wrote a rasterizer and a ray tracer (which I never finished 😅). In the 16 years since, I’ve bee…
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