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Command Line Bash

# Summary .float-comp { shape-outside: url(ibm-5150.png); float: right; shape-margin: 16px; margin-right: -16%; max-width: 60%; } Command Line Bash is a game that challenges you to type in as many commands as you can in 60 seconds. Play now! My frequent co-conspir…
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Play now! Tracer is a 3D connect-the-dots game that Jared and I created for Ludum Dare 37. Play now! We were very happy with the ratings Tracer received. In the Innovation category, we placed 5th out of 1,489 games. A more detailed blog post is available at the Scripta Games …
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Zorbio is a free multiplayer eat-em-up game that you can play in your browser! Zorbio is brought to you by my good friend Jared Sprague and I, via our small game development company, Scripta, Inc. Follow Zorbio development on the Scripta blog, or on Facebook. Play now!
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